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Club Champion Callaway Club Fitting

Callaway Custom Golf Club Fitting


The new TZ5 series line of shafts takes all the best attributes of the past Tour Z models and incorporates the latest high modulus materials to create a smoother “feel” than ever before while maintaining the low launch/low spin characteristics that the Tour Z brand has been known for.

You will notice a slightly smoother mid section and lower balance point to promote “feel” combined with a lower torque than previous Tour Z series models to maintain the low spin that Tour Z shafts are renowned for.

Once again ACCRA has developed an industry leading low launching, low spinning shaft for all levels of golfers utilizing the latest in advanced composite materials to enhance performance and playability.


The new TZ6 series shaft will be available in 4 different weights (45, 55, 65, & 75) and a matching hybrid shafts (85H) with multiple flex options.

This is a unique design that will appeal to the average golfer in the M3 and M4 flexes as a mid/high launching driver shaft that will control spin and add power with an active tip section.

Where this shaft really shines is as a mid/high launching shaft in M4 and M5 flexes for the accomplished golfer. This is a spin killing machine that features 2.0 torque combined with the explosive tip section. New high modulus composite materials enable ACCRA to maintain “feel” while introducing extremely low torque. Stability is achieved in the combination of ACCRA’s proprietary design in the butt section for unparalleled strength without effecting “feel” and the addition of a new material technology in the tip section creating an unequaled torsional strength along with a faster recovery speed than any shaft ACCRA has ever produced.


The Tour Z RPG is ACCRA’s most technologically advanced golf shaft ever.

The Tour Z RPG is available in two designs and several distinct weights. The shaft promotes maximum energy transfer. The smooth transition from an extremely stable butt section to a responsive tip section is unique due to the addition of its radial strength and resistance to ovaling.

The Tour Z RPG features 9 of the most advanced composite materials using less resin content of any shaft that ACCRA has ever developed. ACCRA has incorporated only Aerospace grade prepreg from Toray Japan to ensure the perfect symmetry of strength and power. Making the Tour Z RPG the smoothest feeling, maximum stability shaft in the industry.

I SERIES (Hybrids, Fairways and Woods)

At the butt, ACCRA has added a carbon weave material, which not only adds strength to the butt section of the shaft but also moves the CG (center of gravity) slightly more towards the butt section of the shaft. From a swing weight perspective, this counter balancing effectively makes the iSeries wood shaft an optimal choice for the new heavier driver heads. It also promotes an easier release and a draw bias, perfect for the great majority of golfers.


FX SRT Wood Shafts

ACCRA introduces the first premium shaft for discerning Junior golfers. The ACCRA Fx SRT line of wood shafts incorporates Fx technology into 3 distinct flexes to be professionally fit by a certified ACCRA fitter.

The wood shafts are available using super light weight high modulus materials and a .580 butt diameter for ease in gripping for those with smaller hands. The wood shafts are available in Fx SRT 41 (Softest flex), Fx SRT 42 (Mid flex), Fx SRT 43 (strongest flex).

SRT Iron Shafts

The iSeries SRT iron shaft offers juniors a premium lightweight option for irons also incorporating a .580 butt diameter. The SRT iron shaft uses the same technology as the iSeries line of iron shafts, it is available in one flex and can be tipped to multiple stronger flexes as it is a blank..

FX 3.0

ACCRA is synonymous with professional fitting, as only the world’s best club fitters are chosen to be certified dealers. ACCRA performance golf shafts are not available “off the rack” because we truly believe that a “fit” golf club will always out perform a “stock” golf club. The Fx 3.0 series offers an unsurpassed army of fitting options, combining unique profiles, weights, flexes and performance characteristics carrying on a tradition of delivering club fitters all of the tools to fit any golfer.

The Fx 3.0 offers 3 unique launch conditions, utilizing S3 shaft blueprinting technologies:

Fx 2.0 100 Series = High launch Fx 2.0 200 Series = Mid Launch Fx 2.0 300 Series = Low Launch

Each Fx 2.0 Series, offers multiple weight options for driver shafts combined with dedicated Fairway Wood and Hybrid shaft featuring ACCRA’s proprietary DyMatch* Technology (DymTec)


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