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club champion

club champion

VA Shafts Raijin 2.0 // A golf shaft that works with EVERY club in your bag?!

VA Shafts Raijin 2.0 // A golf shaft that works with EVERY club in your bag?!



Nick Sherburne:

Introducing the new Raijin 2.0 from VA Composites. I'm really excited about this shaft. When Raijin was originally launched, it was the first shaft from Vic Afable at VA Composites and he's been in the industry for a long time. It was a really good shaft, very smooth, kind of a mid-launch, mid spin, softer profile. So what he did is he wanted to relaunch it. It's their fifth year anniversary and here's Raijin 2.0.

            So what's different? They went and sourced the best materials from Japan, they changed the manufacturing techniques and they tightened it up a bit. So what you get is a little bit softer butt section of the golf shaft with a little bit firmer tip section of the golf shaft.

            So what kind of players is this for? Like any golf shaft, I'll tell you, golf shafts can fit just about anybody and sometimes the opposites attract in golf shafts. But if I were to give you some leaning points to go towards, somebody who wants to create speed probably needs something softer in the handle because a firmer handle will make them swing too hard and then they'll lose their power. Also, the player that may have a little bit of ballooning, too much spin, too much height to their golf ball, this firm tip section in the Raijin 2.0 will help keep that ball flight under control to create a little bit more of a lower launching, lower spinning golf shot.

            One of the other neat features about the Raijin 2.0 is you can get it in your whole bag. So we got driver shafts, fairway wood shafts, hybrid shafts and iron shafts. And they're all great and they all look great. They all have that black, red, and white. You can create your whole bag with the Raijin 2.0 line.

            If you have any questions or comments on the new VA Raijin 2.0 line, please leave them below. And remember, if you're enjoying this content, to like and subscribe.