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Club Champion Return Policy


What if I'm unhappy with a club?

We stand by our fitting recommendations and our build process. If a customer notices the club they receive is not up to their performance expectations, we encourage that player to come back and see us free of charge so we can make the necessary adjustments to produce the results represented at the time of their fitting. If it is not feasible to come back and see us, we ask the player produce either a launch monitor report that shows the club’s performance so we can compare the results to what we measured in the fitting, or that the player have their local PGA Professional provide validation that the club is not giving the results represented during the fitting.

Our goal is to ensure we have the best option paired to your swing. Sometimes we miss the bull’s-eye or conditions weren’t optimal during your fitting, but we will always make sure the outcome of your experience provides golf equipment that helps you play your best.


The Club Champion Perfect Fit Guarantee

Our custom fitted clubs will outperform any you’ve ever owned. We have perfected a process of using technology to custom fit and build clubs to the highest standard. When a Club Champion fitting says you’ll add 15 yards it’s not an empty promise. Within 90 days, if your clubs don’t deliver the results you experienced in the hitting bay, we encourage you to come back and see us. We will review your fitting and clubs and make all adjustments necessary. In certain instances, we may need to fix or replace your clubs.

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee also includes free loft and lie adjustments and a two year warranty against manufacturers defects.

In an effort to ensure we uphold the highest of building standards, we may need to alter the loft and lie angles of your clubs. During this process there could be slight imperfections on the heads due to the alterations needed.