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INTRODUCING: The Fathers of Fitting

INTRODUCING: The Fathers of Fitting

Join the four founders of the top golf club fitting brands in the world to talk fitting, equipment, the golf industry, and more!

It's National Club Fitting Day — what better way to celebrate than with a brand new podcast! Join the four Fathers of Fitting — Nick Sherburne, Ian Fraser, Jason MacNiven, and Paul Jenner — to talk all things golf club fitting, golf equipment, the golf industry, and more.

This week, we kick things off with some history lessons, some philosophical musings, and a guessing game that may have left our founders flummoxed.

(00:00-1:29) Introduction to the Fitting Fathers and the podcast
(1:30-3:32) Nick Sherburne's start as a baby club fitter and his path to Club Champion
(3:33-6:10) Ian Fraser's rise to social media recognition and Canadian club fitting
(6:11-10:50) Paul Jenner's golf history and the founding of PureForm Golf, now known as Club Champion Australia
(10:51-13:58) Jason MacNiven's history as a mentor and the founding of Golf Principles, now known as Club Champion UK
(13:59-23:51) The Fathers give us their take on how custom fitting philosophies differ from fitters to custom fitters
(23:52-31:01) We hear the guys' thoughts on the most important part of a fitting (spoiler alert: they like it all)
(31:02-38:23) Our host conducts the first round of Analyze This — the guys guess Lexi Thompson's average driver distance, GIR, and more.