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INTRODUCING: The Fathers of Fitting

Intrdocuing the Fathers of Fitting! Join the four Fathers of Fitting — Nick Sherburne, Ian Fraser, Jason MacNiven, and Paul Jenner — to talk all things golf club fitting, golf equipment, the golf industry, and more.

Can the most unique putter heads in the game withstand the trials of a putt putt course?

TXG reviews the NEW Srixon ZX Mk. II Drivers

The TXG guys take a look at the new ZX5, ZX7, and ZX5LS Mk. II drivers and how they can improve your game

We head to the bay to find out what separates Titleist’s new TSr4 driver from the TSi4 model in this fitting test.

Reviewing TaylorMade's NEW Spider GT Max Putter

Check out the TXG team's initial thoughts on TaylorMade's latest adjustable putting innovations

Her previous fitting series got her on the green — now it’s time to sink some putts!

VIDEO: TaylorMade MG3 Wedge Fitting at the Kingdom

Perry Dickey takes us through the MG3 wedge lineup to analyze what makes a great wedge

Edel's new SMS (Swing Matching System) Irons are put on full display during this Club Champion fitting test