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Articles tagged with: Golf Shaft Fitting

Is Fujikura's VISTA PRO shaft really the most versatile in the industry?

That Range Life's Kris McEwen helps us break down Fuji's wide-range shaft option that could help your golf game

VIDEO: Touring the Project X Golf HQ and Building Shafts!

How quick can a shaft go from an idea to being able to be hit on the first tee? Take a peek behind-the-scenes with us as we tour Project X

SHAFT FLEXES: How do they affect your shot?

With a little help from our friends at Accra, we demonstrate how we match a golfer to the right shaft flex.

VA Shafts' Vic Afable and PHAT Scooters

Vic Afable of VA Shafts joins the show to talk about the inspiration behind the most unique shaft designs in the industry and the effect of booze on the golf course.

Breaking down the KBS Players Graphite Iron Shafts

How can graphite iron shafts sharpen your iron play?

Maximum Performance and Potential: SST PUREing with Ian Fraser

Learn about the benefits of a PUREd shaft from the experts in this Club Champion feature

Aftermarket Shafts vs. Stock Shafts

What does "Aftermarket" mean? Tapping into the word that you hear so much about and what it means for your golf equipment.

VA Shafts Raijin 2.0 // A golf shaft that works with EVERY club in your bag?!

In this episode of #QuickHits, we're showing off the versatile power of VA Shafts' Raijin 2.0 model. With wood and iron models, this shaft can literally fit into your entire bag.

Fujikura Ventus TR Testing with That Range Life's Kris McEwen

What can Fujikura’s Ventus TR shafts do with your swing?

PROJECT X Steel Iron Shaft Lineup Testing with True Temper's Keenan Phillips

We’re putting the feel of iron shafts to the test in our latest behind-the-scenes look at the fitting bay.

All About SST PURE

Club Champion's Unofficial Guide to the SST PURE process and how it can help you play better, more consistent golf.

WATCH: Behind the Scenes Tour of Fujikura Composites America

Check out our exclusive tour of the Fujikura facilities with Fuji's Spencer Reynolds

Shaft Tipping Testing feat. Accra's Jeff Lake

Breaking down how shaft tipping can help improve your long game

What Shaft Profile is best for you?
Shafts are the first thing our Master Fitters will fit you for during one of our fittings.  In this #InTheBay episode, we take a look at different shaft profiles.